Create Photography offers a full range of professional photographic services in various photo disciplines. We offer a commercial photographic studio in the Garden Route run by trained South African photographers, Colin Stephenson and Raquel de Castro Maia. The Create Photography portfolio carries the mark of years of photographic experience and we pride ourselves in producing high quality creative photographic images both on location and in the studio. We specialise in the following Photographic disciplines: Architectural photography, Interior Photography, Landscape and nature Photography, professional commercial photography of your product or business, Magazine Photography and Editorial Portraits, Travel documentary photography.
Raquel de Castro Maia and her partner Colin Stephenson are passionate about photography and images, and have been photographing professionally for more than ten years in various photographic disciplines. Their wedding photography displays a distinctive blend of classic visualisation captured in a unique journalistic style. They focus on documenting the atmosphere, the emotions and the fun of the day. Every wedding is unique and is made by the people that come together on the day. Working in an unobtrusive manner, they have refined a way of working together. They capture images that tell a story and frame memories of the day exactly as they were experienced, with the personalities of the people present. The results are striking, well composed natural and spontaneous photographs. Our photographic products and services include: engagement portraits, wedding photography, portraits, family, children, couples, seniors, pregnancy, babies, feminine nudes, anniversaries, fashion, studio and location based editorial
Raquel de Castro Maia and Colin Stephenson share a joint personal website of work that includes macro photography, botanical photography, landscape photography, travel documentary photography and personal photographic sketches and series.
Colin Stephenson and Raquel de Castro Maia share a joint personal website of work that includes landscape photography, travel documentary photography, macro photography, botanical photography, and personal photographic sketches and series.
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Raquel de Castro Maia's personal Illustration portfolio